Sa Canova beach

Sa Canova is a 1500 m long virgin sand beach, situated between Son Serra de Marina and Colonia de Sant Pere. 1991 the area was declared Àrea Natural d`Especial Interès by the Parlament de les Illes Balears, because of the large number of archaeological rests and the diversity in flora and fauna, with the wetland of the mouth of Torrent de na Borges, where the biggest part of animals and birds of the Balearic archipelago live. This beautiful virgin beach has fine-grained sand, with shells, and some rocks here and there. The slope is very gentle, and there is some vegetation fixing the system of dunes at the rear (pine wood, scrubland, thistle, rosmarine or marine iris). The ecological richness of the landscape is only interrupted by some small abandoned houses and some channels which can be found between the dunes. The coast has sand and rocks and very low, shallow water, so that the navigators are recommended not to approach the coast to avoid running aground. The nearest port facilities are located at Club Nàutic Serra Nova, at 1,6 nautical miles.